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Fair2Trades is a passionate advocate for local trades, businesses and communities, firmly believing in the intrinsic value they bring to society. At the heart of our mission lies the conviction that a robust, locally-sustained infrastructure forms the cornerstone of community success. We recognize the indispensable role played by a diverse, hardworking and highly skilled group of tradespeople, and none are more dedicated to this principle than those within our own communities.

In our commitment to this vision, we have established a unique local trade store experience (Union Supply Co.), with a singular goal in mind: to save you time and contribute to the prosperity of local trades. Our offerings encompass a comprehensive range of rough-in materials that cater to both underground and indoor infrastructure needs, spanning multiple trade sectors.

We firmly believe that successful communities are inherently dependent on their local trades. Choosing to become a Fair2Trades member means embracing and endorsing our belief that the installation and maintenance of local infrastructure should be entrusted to the capable hands of local tradespeople.

Who we serve

We serve any/all trades that participate in building and maintaining our communities’ infrastructure; excavators, landscapers, roads, sewer, septic, water service, home/commercial builders, farmers, HVAC technicians, plumbers, electricians, telecommunications.

Trade Services

Trade Members:


On larger projects design is a necessary ingredient. We partner with design engineers to fill this gap. Our first initiative is aimed at providing turnkey support for hydronic in-floor installations. Our applications team compliments that design with site assessments, bill of materials and follow up to ensure your installation is successful.

Application Support:

Fair2Trades provides assistance and support, offering guidance and expertise on the application of materials and equipment.


We provide knowledge-based webinars, vendor training and lunch and learn sessions to ensure our trade members are up to date with the latest methods of installation, maintenance and repair.

Trade Discounts:

As a trade member, you gain access to exclusive trade discounts at Union Supply Trade Stores, making it more cost-effective to source the materials you need.

Supply Chain Services:

Our membership includes access to additional sourcing and supply chain services, streamlining your procurement process and saving you time and effort.

Delivery Services:

We offer convenient delivery services, ensuring that the materials you require are delivered promptly to your jobsite, reducing the logistics burden on your end.

Community Members:

Supporting Local Tradespeople:

By becoming a community member, you actively participate in supporting local tradespeople and their families, contributing to the growth and stability of your community.

Access to Local Talent:

We provide you with access to our extensive database of skilled local tradespeople. This connection can be invaluable when you require expert services or assistance in your community projects.

Trade Products


Culvert pipe/fittings
Ag tile pipe/fittings
Catch basins/trench drains


Sched 40/PVC pipe/fittings
Arc chambers/accessories
Septic tanks/accessories


Solvent weld pipe/fittings
Gasketed pipe/fittings
Catch basins/grate accessories


Municipal waterline
75/100 psi waterline
Corporation/barb fittings/accessories


Erosion control (woven/non-woven)
Geogrid/straw matting
Filter cloth


Foundation wrap/accessories
Sealing compounds
Sump pits/pumps


Furnace/AC rough-in
Hydronics rough-in
Application support


Pex/cold expansion rough-in
ABS/drainage rough-in
Sump/sewage pumps


DBII pipe/fittings
PVC electrical conduit/fittings
HVAC electrical rough-in

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Supporting Local Trades

Why join?

Becoming a member of Fair2Trades means just that. You believe that it’s only fair that our local infrastructure should be installed and maintained by local tradespeople. The outcomes are trade members families are well cared for, more money stays in our local economy which means more businesses thrive, which means more money is available for those that need a helping hand.



We started Fair2Trades because we saw the impact larger enterprises were having on local businesses, and felt it was important to support local tradespeople and their families as a way to help preserve a way of life,  which starts with supporting one another.

There is no cost to join. The purpose of the membership is to show your support for local trades.

become a member

become a member